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Company Profile

Refrigeration Xpert (Pty) LTD is based in George.It specializes in building:

  • Cold storages
  • Manufacturing polystyrene insulated panels
  • Commercial customized self-contained freezers
  • Refrigerated trailers
  • Mortuary cold storage
  • Mortal remains transporting trailers
  • Display walk in cold/freezer rooms
The other department we have specializes in sale, installation,repairs of all types of air conditioning units.

The founder,Mr Simo Ngcobo,has established it based on his attention to details through dedication and passion in cold business.For his love of the environmentally harmless refrigeration practice,is respected and favoured by his peers and his clients/customers alike.

The company has been designed and created with the client/customer in mind. Over the years in refrigeration, due to the sensitivity of the nature of our customers needed care, the founder has realized all the needs of a company that does not split its customer needed focus of the refrigeration demand.

Within the short period in the marked,from humble beginnings,we have managed to build , manufacture and install the best equipment ever,leaving the customer smiling and spread the word of mouth of what we can do with our hands.Thank you my Lord that we go to bed having managed to put plates on our tables for our families and leave customers smiling.See our “Gallary” to view our successful projects.We don’t have rooms for mistake and come backs.



To make a mark in the refrigeration industry by educating the end-user about our product, contribute in skill development and encourage the greener refrigeration practice in order to preserve our planet.


To render professional quality workmanship, based on ethics and honestyin putting the customer’s idea to life, by involving the customer in every decision we take to keep both parties happy.